5 Best Vacuum Beard Trimmers to Look Fresh and Clean!

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Last updatedLast updated: July 10, 2021
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Shave Lab is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

As beard trimmer technology keeps evolving, manufacturers now offer the so-called vacuum beard trimmers. But what kind of devices are these actually, and are these products with suction and collection containers recommended in practice?

The vacuum trimmer is particularly practical and ensures your whiskers don’t fly around all over the bathroom. Are you already fascinated by this special function? In this article, we will recommend to you what we’ve discovered to be the five best vacuum beard trimmer products. These models are selected based on the benefits of their blade type, a number of combs, power source, battery type, runtime and charge time, and warranty offer. We’ll also explain how these beard trimmers work exactly and why you should make use of them for beard care.


Remington Hc6550Editor’s Choice

  • Blade type: titanium-coated
  • Attachments: length-adjusting and tapering combs
  • Number of combs: 11
  • Power source: cordless
  • Battery type: lithium
  • Runtime: 60 mins
  • Charge time: 4 hours
  • Warranty: 2 years

This Remington 6550 was one of the first vacuum trimmers to hit the market. It consists of titanium-coated blades on which you can mount any of the three heads it comes with: the normal head, the precision cutter for a 0.4mm close shave, and the 32mm wide head. It also includes five guide combs, one comb with adjustable length settings between 2 and 16 mm, and four combs of fixed lengths of 3, 6, 9, and 12 mm. Although a bit bulky, the HC6550 is constructed from plastic. The blue and black body is quite an eye-pleasing.

The vacuuming is carried out in a small compartment inside the head. You can extract this easily to empty it. The battery is fine. It is made of Lithium ions and offers a range of 60 minutes with a charging time of 4 hours.  If you’ve ever been worried about too many hairs flying around, you can congratulate yourself. You can manage 90 percent of them now. Being a first in vacuum trimming, we weren’t after perfection. The device set the pace for further improvements in subsequent models. For example, the Remington MB6850 can trap 95 percent of hairs.

What makes it stand out?

  • The undisputed king of vacuum trimmers, the Remington HC6550 excels in so many places. The very first is the size of its vacuum compartment. We are impressed with this because it's considerably larger than the other versions. You can expect the vacuum trimmer to accumulate up to 90 percent of the hair even more if you are keen on trendy trimming.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Unfortunately, this product is not waterproof, although its heads can be rinsed under running water. And it's not surprising to see Remington make completely waterproof trimmer alternatives – models with the WETech™ Technology - after this one.

Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300Premium Pick

  • Blade type: self-sharpening stainless-steel blades
  • Attachments: none
  • Number of combs: none
  • Power source: cordless
  • Battery type: lithium-ion battery
  • Runtime: 75 minutes
  • Charge time: 1 hour
  • Warranty: 2 years

The Norelco 7300 includes 18 length modifications: from 1mm to 18mm. The increments here are not as close as the 7200, which has 20 length settings, so it depends on what you want to achieve with it. Among the most important things that we would like to highlight here are the blades.  It is the best option when you have skin that is sensitive. Self-sharpening for easy maintenance, they are much softer than any vacuum beard trimmer version.

Another competitor to the Norelco line of vacuum trimmers, the 7300 Series Hair Trimmer with Vacuum Cleaner is a premium model with one of the topmost performances among the best beard trimmer with vacuum, as expected. The body of this 7300 series model is a bit heavier than the 7200 one – it weighs 2.94 pounds compared to the other model’s 1.3 pounds. The version also features an extremely sleek chrome end which we like.

What are our favorite features?

  • Unlike the models from the 7200 series, this Norelco vacuum trimmer has the Turbo power button. Also, the Norelco 7300 beard trimmer with vacuum has a flexible performance and quality. We are impressed by its precision-cut feature. It ensures cleaner cuts and promotes finer details. The beard trimmer is excellent for measuring goatees, paws, and 5 o'clock. It's fantastic for general use, with a little expert touch, and that's why we think this is the best Philips vacuum beard trimmer.

What could be better?

  • We think it's a bit more awkward to empty the trims for this particular model. You need to remove the comb, remove the trimmer head and then extract the accumulated hair outside. Also, the Norelco 7300 beard trimmer with vacuum is quite expensive. It's more than twice the price of the 7200 series even though they have the same look.

Wahl Model 9870-100Best Value

  • Blade type: self-sharpening precision blades
  • Attachments: individual guards
  • Number of combs: 12
  • Power source: cord/cordless operation
  • Battery type: lithium-ion battery
  • Runtime: 2.5 hours
  • Charge time: 90 minutes
  • Warranty: 60 days

Wahl offers here a very different version of the hair trimmer with vacuum technology. We’ve seen 18 and 20, but this model comes with 22 length settings! The expert vacuum cleaner includes a rotary nose and ear trimming accessory. Does it sound strange? Maybe. It’s an exceptionally powerful vacuum trimmer. The Wahl vacuum trimmer has a sexier body which measures 11 inches in length and 1.1 lbs in weight. It’s much slimmer than other trimmers. This makes it suitable for people who appreciate simpler layouts. It will nevertheless be a good choice when you have a long hairstyle, unusually thick curly, or wavy locks. The vacuum trimmer sucks in 99 percent of trimmed hair, according to Wahl.

The Wahl steel blade does not compromise on clean and precise cuts. The same is with the powerful motor that sucks up and helps trim precisely. It outperforms other vacuum trimmers. To complement its premium quality, the Wahl vacuum trimmer includes 12 combs. In comparison, many models from Wahl, such as the Wahl Senior Trimmer series, come with just six combs. Also, it has the best battery runtime on this list. The battery can last up to 2.5 hours after a full charge that takes just 90 minutes.

Why are we impressed?

  • The Wahl's system is a little bit intuitive. It is cordless. If you are looking for electric and barber-quality actions in the best beard trimmers and vacuum trimmers, this is the best option. It's a must if you want a rechargeable model that can cut for a few hours non-stop before charging again. We also like how inexpensive it is. Like the Remington HC6550, it's one of the best-quality low-budget vacuum beard trimmers on the market.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • A turbo power mode could be well appreciated by users. Also, the device lacks a precision T blade, the dual foil shaver, and precision detailer, as you can find in many other Wahl cordless trimmers.
  • Blade type: ceramic barber scissors head 
  • Attachments: tapering combs 
  • Number of combs: 2 
  • Power source: cordless 
  • Battery type: 1200 mAh rechargeable battery 
  • Runtime: 2 hours 
  • Charge time: 1.5 hour 
  • Warranty: not specified 

Ideal for children and professional hair care, the Kemei Vacuum Hair Kit is a small, lightweight vacuum trimmer with a ceramic scissors head and tapering comb attachments. Very light in weight, the device only weighs 1.1 lbs. It comes with just two combs, but it is cordless. That means it uses a rechargeable battery which you can also use while it’s corded. The device has a very strong 1200 mAh battery that charges fully in one and a half hours. It comes with a USB cable for charging, a cleaning brush, two combs, and a user manual.

This device is specially tailored to the needs of women and children with facial hair. Men can shave with it too. The device has a dual motor technology that makes up to 5500 rotations per minute. The battery is a high-performance one made from polymer potassium, guaranteeing a longer cycle of life and no memory effect.

What do we love it for?

  • We especially like the blade system. It is easily washable. The device generally also emits low noise despite its strong driving force. The hair storage system is also automatic and large in capacity. It is easy to clean. And finally, this haircut and beard trimming kit is not just for men. Women and children who wish to trim facial hair or scalp hair may also find it useful.

What were we disappointed with?

  • There could be more combs. Many users can't make do with the device's limited number of combs. The kit includes just two combs, when, in comparison, others can have up to twelve.
  • Blade type: stainless steel washable blades
  • Attachments: adjustable comb with 11 length settings
  • Number of combs: 1
  • Power source: corded/cordless
  • Battery type: lithium battery
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Warranty: 5 years

If you have decided to grow your beard, you have to commit to taking care of it and keeping it clean and well outlined. For this task, only a few beats the Remington Vacuum 3-Day Full Beard Trimmer. As its hair collection chamber is transparent, it allows you to see if it is full and needs to be emptied. The vacuum device is capable of reaching up to 95 percent of cut hair, and the reservoir is easily removed to make cleaning much easier and faster.

This model is the successor to the one we have just seen – the Remington HC6550. The Remington MB6850 features a much more attractive redesigned look and a new vacuum motor that, in Remington’s words, is capable of vacuuming 95 percent of hairs. Like its predecessor, it mounts a head with titanium-coated blades. Although this time, only a single guide comb can be used with variable lengths from 2 to 18 mm and with a position lock. This model also mounts the same lithium-ion battery and has a runtime of 90 minutes. Although the charging time is very long, this model can be used with the cable plugged in.

Why is it special?

  • This device generates negative pressure using vacuum technology. According to the manufacturer, it should suck up to 95 percent of the severed whiskers. We like the ease of use, hair ejection, and cleaning. After use, the vacuum chamber is simply removed and washed out. This ensures clean grooming results.

What are the flaws?

  • What we think could be better is the length setting. Unlike other models here with 18 to 22 settings, this has just 12 length settings (2 mm to 18 mm). So don't expect a lot from it, compared to other models reviewed.

Things to Consider

Some shavers are incorporating a very comfortable and practical option for users: the hair vacuum system. It includes a small vacuum suction cup with just enough power to collect the hairs that come off during shaving. These hairs pass through a small hole that is at the height of the blade and are stored in a chamber that in turn serves as a collecting reservoir.

On some models, this chamber is transparent, making it easy to see when it needs to be emptied so it can continue to function effectively. In this section, we’ll give you more information on these trimmers, their benefits, and how you can choose one.

Why do you need a vacuum beard trimmer?

Hair vacuuming shavers have several advantages that differentiate them from other models on the market:

  • No mess

With this system, it is possible to suck most of the trimmed hair, in some cases up to 99 percent. In this way, you will not need to use an apron to shave if you find yourself in a place where you cannot or do not have it on hand.

Most of the hair that comes off during shaving is stored in the tank of the machine. So, the sink does not get as dirty as other models of trimmers or shavers that do not incorporate this system.
  • Facilitates subsequent cleaning

Since most of the trimmed hair goes to the tank, after shaving, you will not have to spend more time cleaning the sink or bathroom. You just have to remove the tank and empty the hair in the garbage can.

Some models are water-resistant, so you can clean them under the tap at the end of the shaving process. In this way, better performance of the shaver is guaranteed, as no hair remains between the cutting blades.

  • Easy to use and durable

Beard trimmer machines are very easy to use. They usually have an ergonomic handle that is held with one hand. They also incorporate a series of adjustable combs of different lengths that are hooked on the head to obtain different cutting averages.

It is possible to select the position lock that ensures that the head will not move from the adjusted level.

On the other hand, most of the models that are marketed today in the market are designed to be used under the shower. So, their body is resistant and compact to ensure their impermeability. In this way, you can save time both by being able to do two activities at the same time and by not having to clean the hair after shaving.

Features to consider before you buy a vacuum beard trimmer

5 Best Vacuum Beard Trimmers to Look Fresh and Clean!This section not only tells you what to look out for when buying a new vacuum beard trimmer. It also tells you at the same time which criteria were particularly important to us in the research process and what we paid particular attention to. In general, these points are based on very similar criteria for all razor types. However, they naturally differ in individual points that distinguish the various device types from one another.

Blade type

The blades of a hair trimmer are crucial to what the result of the shave looks like in the end. If they are not sharp enough, they can pull out or break your hair. This, in turn, can lead to inflammation, pimples, and skin irritation.

Some manufacturers use stainless steel blades or titanium. Others use ceramic blades. All three blades are similar in sharpness. Ceramic blades can break if the beard trimmer falls – this is not the case with stainless steel or titanium blades.

Maintenance-free blades that do not need to be oiled are recommended. Otherwise, you should make sure to replace them as soon as possible if they become dull.

In comparison, the Remington Hc6550 has titanium blades. The KEMEI Vacuum Haircut Kit has a ceramic barber scissors head, and the Remington MB6850 has stainless steel washable blades.


5 Best Vacuum Beard Trimmers to Look Fresh and Clean!The desired beard length is an essential point in the purchase decision. Men who like to wear their beards longer should choose a trimmer with a corresponding attachment that allows several cutting lengths.

Some trimmers are only suitable for shortcutting lengths. A three-day beard needs about 1 to 3 millimeters, a smooth shave just under 0 to 0.4 millimeters. For many beard trimmers, however, the smallest setting is around 0.4 millimeters.

Some devices use different attachments for setting, others a slider. This must be detectable; otherwise, it can happen during the shave that the length is adjusted. On other devices, the desired length can be determined using a wheel or a digital input.

Number of combs

Many models are supplied with different shaving combs for different length settings. The combs can range from 2 to 15. The more, the better. The Wahl 9870-100, for example, has 12 combs and gives you a lot of options. These can be placed on the beard trimmer.

Depending on the desired beard length, it is important to pay attention to which area the comb covers. Plastic shaving combs are recommended, as they are, on the one hand, more skin-friendly and, on the other, easier to care for.

They can be easily rinsed under water after use and are ready for use again. The blade comb should be easy to guide over the beard without slipping, i.e., it should be non-slip.

Power source

The power supply can be via the mains, battery, or both. Hair clippers with battery life offer more flexibility in use, but those with a power supply often have a slightly better motor performance. Many manufacturers offer devices with both options. Which of these makes more sense is a matter of personal preference?

Battery type

5 Best Vacuum Beard Trimmers to Look Fresh and Clean!The most common batteries in trimmers use lithium-ion, lithium polymer, polymer potassium, and nickel-metal hydride battery. However, lithium-ion batteries are the most long-lasting and recommended type of battery.

Runtime and charge time

Almost all models on the market today are battery-powered. Some can also be used interchangeably connected to the electrical network or in wireless mode.

Therefore, an important aspect that you will have to assess when buying is its runtime and the charge time. Anyone who opts for a device with a battery should pay attention to how long the battery life is before the device has to be recharged and how long the charging time is. You should have a long-lasting battery for as many minutes as possible without reconnecting to the power. The best, in this case, is the Wahl 9870-100. With this, you get up to 2.5 hours of use from a 90-minute charge time.

When choosing a hair trimmer with a power supply unit, check whether the length of the cable is sufficient to reach the socket.


The warranty offer can cover a few months or years; it depends on the brand and price range of the device. Some models from the Wahl range come with just 60 days warranty, which could be more. However, if you want a vacuum trimmer with as much warranty coverage as possible, you can opt for the Remington MB6850, which comes with five years warranty.


You just have to remove the tank and empty the hair in the garbage can. For waterproof models, you can clean them under the tap at the end of the shaving process. In this way, better performance of the shaver is guaranteed, as no hair remains between the cutting blades. If it’s not a waterproof model, the device often comes with a cleaning brush. With this, you can do a dry-cleaning of the blades and tank.

While some beard trimmers now come with waterproof designs, not all are. Wet/dry models can be used or cleaned in water. So, this is a feature you want to ensure your device has.

Our Verdict

You can see that the vacuum beard trimmer is truly practical, and we’re not aware of any device that can cope with all of the problems related to beard and hair trimming.

Our Editor’s Choice is the Remington Hc6550. This is one of the first vacuum trimmers to hit the market and remains our best vacuum beard trimmer today. It consists of titanium-coated blades on which you can mount three heads. It is rated 9.9/10.

If you want a high-end model, choose our Premium Pick, the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300. Rated 9.8 out of 10, it includes 18 length modifications: from 1mm to 18mm.

The Wahl Model 9870-100 is for those who want the best value. The Wahl vacuum trimmer has a sexier body which measures 11 inches in length and 1.1 lbs. in weight. It’s much slimmer than other trimmers, and it gets a rating of 9.5/10.

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