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Your grooming routine is something that requires not only skills and patience, but also, even more importantly, right tools and accessories. Whether you’re a man with gorgeous stylish beard, a teenager who’s only starting to look for their first shaver, or a lady craving for an easy way to get rid of unwanted body hair, we got you covered.

Our website is a place where you can find the perfect shaver, razor, trimmer, or anything related with ease and without wasting time on market research. All the hard work has been done for you: our experts have already done the topic research, found the most trustworthy models, checked them for positive customer feedback and tested the products themselves so that you could rest assured it is what it seems.

How each review is created

We start with a profound initial topic research. It’s crucial to decide which features are the most important to pay attention to while choosing the particular products.

We scour the market for top selling, trustworthy, and most reliable products. We also make sure to include those that are new to the market, but already managed to receive positive customer feedback.

After that, our experts start actually testing the products to decide if they really have all those incredible features the manufacturer boasts of.

The test results then go to our team of authors whose goal is to put it all together into a cohesive, informative, and all-encompassing article. With the help of our editors and content managers, the review is published on our site.

Our team

Latasha White


Research Writer

Latasha is passionate not only about writing, but also blogging and making video reviews on skincare and makeup products.

Robert Edwards



Thanks to Robert, every single technical aspect of our work is always taken care of, even before any problem arises. In his everyday life, Robert is also a fantastic cook, especially when it comes to Italian kitchen.

Joe Stockton


Expert Consultant

Joe is a professional barber with a 10-year experience. Apart from his work that he absolutely adores, Joe is fond of swimming and jogging in the mornings.

What do we get?

Rest assured our articles are not sponsored by anyone. Therefore, the results of our research are always unprejudiced. You can help us by purchasing a product using the links from our reviews – with each purchase we get a commission which helps us further develop our resource.

Ask us anything

You can leave a comment under any article in case anything stays unclear, you find a mistake or need advice. For any additional information or general questions, feel free to contact our editorial team: [email protected].